Current Harmony Information

Please use Safari, Google Chrome or Firefox to access Harmony 3 (H3).  If you do not have access codes for your child(ren), please contact the school building.  An seperate email for each child will be sent containing the codes.

To set up your account   

- Using a web browser go to
- You will see a sign in screen. Since you do not have an account, touch create an account here

Once you have set up an account you will simply enter your user name and password and touch sign in.
- On the Create my account screen, enter your first name, last name, and email address
- Enter a user name (this can be, but does not have to be, an email address)
- Enter a password
- Type the same password again to confirm you have entered it correctly
- Touch register

Harmony will confirm the data is properly entered and the user name is available to be used. If you need to complete any data or choose a different user name, you will be prompted to do so.

After setting up your account, you will be prompted to enter the registration code and your date of birth.

Once you enter your registration code, you may be prompted to choose which Push Notification Profile belongs to you. If you have set up a Push Notification Profile in the past, you will have this opportunity to link that profile to your new account. If none of the available profiles found are yours, select none of these and touch Ok.

You only need to create your account one time. Next time you want to review your information, enter your user name and password on the sign in screen and touch sign in.

After adding your registration code, touch your names to see your account.

Progress Reports- shows all the classes you are currently enrolled in and the letter grade and percent for that class.
- If you would like to email the teacher you can touch the teacher’s name or email icon to generate an email to the teacher
- Touch on the graph icon to see a list of all assignments for that class this grading period
- A breakdown of the student’s percent by each category is listed
- This will also show you a graphical distribution of the student’s grades. The green line shows the student’s overall percentage, while the blue line shows their percentage for that particular assignment. This is a great way to see the impact of a single assignment on the overall grade.

Attendance- shows each absence, tardy or left early for the student. You will be able to see if the entry was excused/unexcused and the reason entered for the entry. You can also see how the entry counts towards the total days missed for the student.

Discipline- shows all discipline entries (both classroom and office) for the student. You can see the infraction, action taken, as well as who reported the discipline incident and who handled the incident. Depending on your school’s settings, you can may be able to see comments entered regarding the incident.

Homework Agenda- shows you all lessons entered for the current week. The homework agenda shows you by day, the lessons entered for each class your student is enrolled in. You can use the previous and next links to see prior or upcoming data a week at a time.  Soon students and parents will be directed to Canvas for online curriculum tools.

Schedule- shows you all classes your student is currently enrolled in. You can also see your locker number and combination in this area. This may not be available for your elementary students.

Cafe- shows your current cafe balance as well as your activity (meals and payments) for the current month. You can use the previous and next links to review activity a month at a time.

HS Four Year Plans - represents classes taken and needed for high school.

Push Notification- allows you to edit existing profiles or create a new profile. You can choose when you want to be notified about your performance. You can then choose if you want to be notified by email and/or text. The notifications are sent at 5pm each week day.

Online Payment - allows you to pay textbook rental and/or put money in a student's lunch account.  A service fee is assessed at the time of processing.

When you are finished reviewing the information for your student(s) touch log out

We hope you enjoy this new feature!

E-mail if you have not received your account information within 7 days of request. Please include the student's name, school location, and e-mail you want the information sent to. Thank you!

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