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Teacher hours & contact information

Grade Teacher   Contact
Sp. Ed Schuler  email
Sp. Ed Elpers  email
Sp. Ed Lowe  email / SeeSaw
K Belt  Class DoJo
K Bittner  email
1 Oakley  email / text / Seesaw
1 Schneider  email / Text
1 Wells  email / Seesaw
2 Bippus  email / Seesaw
2 Moll  Text / Seesaw
2 Werry  email / Seesaw
3 Griffin  email / Class Dojo
3 Weber  email / Class Dojo
3 Brooks  email / Class DoJo
3 Deer  email / Class DoJo
4 Quiroz  email
4 Newcomer  email
5 Brandenstein email / call / text
5 Compton  email / Class Dojo
5 Seibert   email / Class Dojo
6 Dietz  email
6 Galvin  email / Class Dojo
ART Mahrenholz  email
MUSIC Musgrave  email
PE Lee email 
 Innovate  May  email
Speech Bosecker   email / Text

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