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February Employee Spotlight

For the month of February, we would like to highlight Mr. Scherzinger! He teaches 4th grade at South Terrace and we greatly appreciate him always going above and beyond for his students! Thank you for taking such great care of our kiddos!

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Indiana Youth Survey - Spring 2024

This spring students will be participating in a statewide survey of alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use (the Indiana Youth Survey). Students in grades 6 – 12 are scheduled to participate. Schools will administer the survey sometime during the window of February – April. If you would like to know the date scheduled for your child's school, please contact the school's main office. The survey is conducted by Prevention Insights, School of Public Health, Indiana University-Bloomington. The information regarding the survey (i.e., sample questionnaires, reports, etc.) can be viewed at and are linked below as well.

The purpose of the survey is to have accurate knowledge of alcohol, tobacco, and other drug usage from the youth in our community. The information will be comparable to both state and national data. The school system will get a report back that indicates usage by grade level. The outcomes of the survey assist us in planning curricula and programs to address alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use prevention.

Schools will be sending notifications to families in the coming weeks and will allow parents to request their child opt out of the survey if they prefer.

Indiana Youth Survey website:
• 6th grade:
• 7 - 12th grade:
• Mental health questions:

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December Employee Spotlight

This month our Employee Spotlight shines on Jennifer Kolley who teaches Preschool at North Elementary! Congratulations Ms. Kolley! We appreciate all that you do for our students! Great job! 

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School Performance Reports

These are the links to our school performance reports.  

High School      

Jr. High               

South Terrace     

North Elementary          

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Safety First at North Posey

At North Posey, the safety of our students and staff are important and we make this our top priority. 

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2023-2024 Preschool Screening Clinics Scheduled

The MSD of North Posey County has scheduled Preschool Screening Clinics which will be offered to children ages 3, 4 and 5 at no cost to parents or guardians to assess developmental and speech or language skills. You must be in the NP school district to qualify. Screenings are by appointment only and are not required to register for preschool. Please call Amanda Merkley at MSD of North Posey County to schedule an appointment. 812-682-0147.

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