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School is Closed


  • North Elementary

    To enroll a student at North Elementary, please call (812) 874-2710.

  • South Terrace

    To enroll a student at South Terrace, please call (812) 985-3180.

  • NP Junior High

    To enroll a student at North Posey Jr. High School, please call (812) 673-4244.

  • NP High School

    To enroll a student at North Posey High School, please call (812) 673-4242.

Needed Items

North Posey Student Programs

  • STEM

    By choosing a STEM school, the curriculum can better prepare students for high-demand tech jobs. Students are encouraged to develop creativity and critical thinking skills. North Posey's STEM curriculum is balanced and rigorous, integrating the core subjects of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

  • Fine Arts

    Arts programming for K-12 students is important, not just for short-term success, but for long-term success as well. Students that take a combination of arts programs develop valuable skills for their lives and careers such as the ability to demonstrate improved verbal, reading, and math skills, and also show a greater capacity for higher-ordered thinking skills such as analyzing and problem-solving.

    District Employee of the Month

    • Jon Morton

      May 2023
      "A good foundation for a school is maintaining it properly. The health of a school is cleanliness... I believe everyone here is almost like family. It is amazing!"
    • Carol Lupfer

      April 2023
    • Debra Whitfield

      March 2023

      “North Posey is the best place to work because the students are really cooperative and they want to learn.”

    • Cynthia Mincey

      February 2023

      "I think everyone works really well together. If you have any problems, questions, concerns or anything like that they work it out with you!.. I like it so much that I've just stayed with it."

    • Steve Kavanaugh

      January 2023

      "We have something special here that a lot of places don't. We have extreme community involvement... We are a community centered school.. It is a family atmosphere!"

    • Pam Wilson

      December 2022

      "I love watching them to problem solve and critical think and work together as teams. It is very exciting as an educator ... We are ahead of the game here at North Posey!"

    • Jayme Bender

      November 2022

      "I enjoy the North Posey School District. It's just a family atmosphere around here ... I realized this is definitely where I wanted our children to attend school. Everyone supports each other!"

    • Shannon MacMunn

      October 2022

      "Whenever I came to North Posey, I fell in love with it ... The community is centered around the schools. The teachers at North Elementary are some of the best in the state. They give it everything they've got every single day!"

    • Ashley Stoneberger

      September 2022

      "I love building relationships with the students ... They have so many opportunities to develop skills and get an amazing education even though we are in this small community!"